Explanations for the schedule

  1. Acronyms used for classes are explained in the list of classes.
  2. Small letters are meaning:
    w - Lecture c - Exercise l - Laboratory
    p - Project z - Lessons k - Discussion
  3. Following abbreviations are meaning rooms:
    • AL - Audytorium im. doc. R. Litwina (118),
    • AR - Audytorium im. prof. St. Ry┼╝ko (105),
  4. Notation /n means, that this class requires subdivision into groups and this term is assigned to the group n.
    Attantion: Group numbers do not have to be contigious.
  5. Students are obliged to enroll to classes with limited capacity (laboratories, excercises) on first term in the first week of the semester, so that all labs in even weeks could be started in the second week of the semester. Because of limited capacity of some classes (eg. laboratories) not every student can be enrolled in convienient term.
  6. Other important documents: Schedule of the academic year i Schedule of the semester
  7. The schedule can be modiffied in first two weeks of the semester so please check it.

vice Dean for Teaching

2024.07.22 23:16.57