Individual pages

Individual pages contain information about the user (like names, surename, login, e-mails), links to didactic materials and services available for this particular user.

Private e-mails

Every user has the possiblity to use private e-mail filter. The filter allows to add some e-mails to the list. E-mails from the list are treated as equivalent to official e-mail, so mails sent from one of them will be accepted and disrtibuted by the list.

Discusion lists

Every user should see list of classes to which he is subscribed. Staff members reponsible for the class have the right to add other staff members and students to the class.

Dysactic materials

If responsible staff member will upload materials to the server then all subscribed students will see links to those materials. Materials can be put in three directories accessible to different group of users. Publically accessible materials can be red and copied by anybody (without being asked for login and password). Limited scope matrials are accessible for all students and staff members of our faculty. Private materials are accessible only to subscribed students and staff members.

Descrition of icons

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