This server is facilitating the didactic process on the faculty of Electronics and Information Technology. The server ofers facilities to distribute didactic materials, enter and display partial scores, sending e-mails to all subscribed students and many other usefull functions.

This server is visible under two names: Studia2 Studia3 both offer access to the same data but they offer different interfaces. Studia2 server is using plain HTML only while Studia3 is using JavaScript (JQuery, Bootstrap) to deliver nicer interface. Studia2 is using accounts from faculty LDAP database while Studia3 can autorize using USOS accounts also.

After logging in the user is usually placed on so called individual page. On this page he can find links to man usefull functions. This page is sbudivided into tabs:

  • Classes I deliver,
  • Classes I coordinate
  • Classes I study
  • Auxillary
  • Schedule
  • Advertisements
  • Personal
  • Help
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