- 21L


- 22L
103A-CSCSN-MSA-EDSPA Digital Signal Processor Architecture and Programming  
103A-ELSEW-MSP-WZTO Selected Topics in Circuit Theory  
103A-ELxxx-ISP-LKP Fundamentals of Lasers  
103A-ELxxx-ISP-WEL Introduction to Electronics and Electrical Circuits  
103A-IBxxx-ISP-RPR Probability Mathematics and Statistics  
103A-INSZI-ISP-UMA Machine Learning  
103A-INSZI-MSP-ZUM Advanced Machine Learning  
103A-INxxx-ISP-MAKO1 Concrete Mathematics 1  
103A-INxxx-ISP-PROB Probability  
103A-INxxx-ISP-SWO Software Craftsmanship  
103A-TLxxx-ISP-ALGT Algebra  
103A-TLxxx-ISP-PELP1 Fundamentals of Electronics and Measurements 1  
103A-TLxxx-ISP-PELP2 Fundamentals of Electronics and Measurements 2  
103B-ARxxx-ISP-SMS Microprocessor Systems in Process Control  
103B-ELEIK-ISP-TRA Implementation Methods of Digital Signal Processing  
103B-ELEIM-ISP-USE Electronic Circuits and Systems  
103B-ELxxx-ISP-ESO Optoelectronic Devices and Systems  
103B-IBxxx-ISP-LAEL Electrotechnics Laboratory  
103B-INSZI-MSP-SIR Systems for Internet of Things  
103B-TExxx-ISP-FOT Fundamentals of Photonics  
103B-TLRTM-ISP-LCPS Digital Signal Processing Laboratory  
103E-ELxxx-ISP-TOB Circuit Theory  
1090-IM000-ISP-00323 Informatics  
SDM2.V.ISE Seminarium dyplomowe magisterskie 2 ISE  
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