ECONE.A - Computer Networks

Jerzy Sobczyk
Laboratory 017:
Paweł Radziszewski
2018.03.26 and 2018.05.28 2018.06.04 (date of the second test changed on students request).
First lab. 8 A:
Final notes:
Final notes will be written to indexbooks during exams.
To get them written on other term (providing that I am not on holidays) the indexbook should be left in secretary room 521 in the buliding of the Faculty of Electronics and Information Technology. It can be taken back in the same secretary room on next working day after 12.


  1. History of the Internet, ISO/OSI and TCP/IP models.
  2. Addressing. Protocols: IP and ARP.
  3. Protocols: RARP, DHCP, BOOTP, ICMP.
  4. Static and dynamic routing, Protocol: RIP.
  5. Ethernet and VLAN.
  6. protocols: TCP and UDP.
  7. BSD sockets and RPC protocol.
  8. Serial line connections. Modems. Protocols: SLIP and PPP.
  9. Repeater/Bridge/Switch/Router. Token Ring. ArcNet.
  10. DNS operation and configuration.
  11. Protocol: IP6.
  12. VPN, protocols: PPTP, L2TP i IPSec.
  13. Multicast IP and MPLS.
  14. WLAN.

Laboratories 8a

  1. Networking media, Network monitoring
  2. Basic router configuration, RIP
  3. EIGRP protocol, DHCP
  4. OSPF protocol
  5. Border Gateway Protocol
  6. Access Control Lists
  7. Network Address Translation
  8. Virtual LANs
  9. Spanning Tree Protocol
  10. IPv6