Computer Networks - MiNI

Jerzy Sobczyk
Adam Kozakiewicz
Mateusz Mariusz Krzysztoń
Grzegorz Maksymilian Zalewski
First lab.2017.10.26
First test2017.11.15
Second test2018.01.17
Laboratory groups: 
even thursdays 9-12 starts 2017.10.26
even thursdays 15-18 starts 2017.11.02
odd thursdays 9-12 starts 2017.10.26


  1. Organization. History of computer networks. Theoretical models - ISO/OSI, TCP/IP.
  2. Addressing in IP networks. Protocols IP, ARP.
  3. Protocols ICMP, RARP, DHCP, BOOTP.
  4. Routing.
  5. Ethernet technology. Virtual local networks - VLAN's.
  6. Protocols UDP, TCP.
  7. Programmers interface: BSD sockets. Protocol RPC.
  8. Modems and serial line connections: SLIP, PPP.
  9. Internetworking. Elements of technologies: Token Ring, ArcNet.
  10. DNS servers.
  11. Protocol IPv6.
  12. Virtual private networks (VPN), protocols: PPTP, L2TP, IPSec.
  13. Multicast IP. MPLS technology.


  1. Protocol analysis
  2. Interface configuration
  3. Routing IP
  4. NAT
  5. VLAN's

E-mail: J.Sobczyk@ia.pw.edu.pl