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Schedule of lectures and labs
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  • Labs start this week - 24.10 at 12:15, room CS202. No entry test is expected, we will start with simple Matlab experiments based on A/D conversion lectures.
  • Labs and project supervisor is Mr. Marcin Bączyk.
  • Project scoring:
    • Definition (10 p) - 21 Nov
    • Algorithm description (15 p) - 12 Dec
    • Final project (20 p) - 16 Jan
    If you miss the deadline for some part of project, you lose from 1/10 (late by <10 days) up to 1/4 (late by >10 days) of score for this part.
  • Lab dates are not regular - see studia server.

Where is Lab CS202?

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If you are interested in DSP, look for:
  • EASP - Adaptive Signal Processing

Public page for ETASP.A
(english) Techniques and Algorithms for Signal Processing
winter 2017/18 (2017z)

dr hab. inż. Jacek Misiurewicz
pok. 454 (GE), tel. 5441
Office hours: Mon 16:30-17:00 (or other times - but always upon e-mail appointment, please)

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