Internet Technologies and Standards

Course content

  • Internet structure, protocols, and layers
  • Internet application layer: DNS, HTTP, Email, P2P applications, multimedia (VoIP, streaming)
  • Internet transport layer: UDP & TCP protocols
  • Internet network layer: IP addressing and subnetting, NAT, IPv6
  • Routing in the Internet: OSPF, IS-IS & BGP protocols
  • MPLS: applications in the network of modern ISP
  • Content Delivery Networks and Internet datacenters
  • Internet of Things

Course organization

  • Lecture: Thursday, 08:15-10:00, room 103; Piotr Gajowniczek, PhD;, Andrzej Bak, PhD;
  • Lab exercises: via remote access to router lab; supervisor: Piotr Gajowniczek, PhD;
  • Course mailing list:
  • Estimated test dates:
    • mid-term test: April 6th
    • final test: June 1st
  • More info: Slides on course organization and lab remote access

Lecture slides


  • The 2nd lab exercise in remote router lab will be available since April 1st.
  • The mid-term test results: Mid-term test results

Lab exercises

Most of the lab exercises are done via the remote access to the IT infrastructure located in the premises of the Department of Networks and Network Services.
The following documents provide information on lab-related topics; please read them carefully before making the first reservation and attempting lab exercises:

Lab instruction manuals:

Important remarks:

  • Lab 1 (TCP) is done off-line (no resource reservation is necessary). The reports in PDF format should be sent to email address: no later than May 14th.
  • Lab 2, 3, and 4 (Networking) will be executed on remote router lab and require resource reservation during a period of exercise availability.
  • Lab 5 (IOT) will run at the faculty premises, during lecture hours.