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Course Code:EARAD
Version Number:1
Course Name:Automative Radars
Credit Units:1
Cost Units:0
Examination type (E-with exam):B
Grading threshold:5
Initiation semester:12Z
Person responsible:prof. Hermann Rohling
Description:Invited lectures

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Class typeHours

Class types: W - lecture, C - tutorial, L - laboratory, P - project



Prerequitise types: W - required, Z - recommended

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Summary (in Polish)Lecture will be an introduction to automotive radar technology, starting from basic ideas and fundamentals - sounding waveform design, radar signal processing, detection, simultaneous tracking of multiple objects, pedestrian detection, pedestrian identification. Subsequently, the course will bring students the challenges and issues in implementation for real-life applications.
Lecture contents(3h) - Introduction to automotive radars
The basic idea and fundamentals of radar theory. Basics ideas of automotive radar, implementation chalanges.
(2h) - Waveforms
The types of signals and their parameters used in automotive radars. The impact of using different sounding signals in automotive radar for a simultaneous measurement of target range and Doppler frequency even in multi target situations
(3h) - Signal processing
Discussion of the various stages of digital signal processing in automotive radar.
(2h) - Detection
Discussion of the various stages of digital signal processing in automotive radar.
(2h) - Multitarget tracking
Simultaneous tracking of multiple objects in automotive radars - characteristics, problems and methods of implementation.
(3h) - Pedestrian detection, lateral velocity and Applications
The processing of radar signals in the car aimed for Pedestrian Detection - problems, pedestrian identification, methods of implementation, Automotive radar applications. Implementation issues