semester - 17Z

Limited access materials for courses delivered in semester 18L

semester - 18Z
103A-IBxxx-ISP-ANAL2 Analysis 2  
AE.A Evolutionary Algorithms  
ALGTM.A Algebra and Set Theory  
ALIN.B Linear Algebra  
ANAL2.A Analysis 2  
ANL2.A Analysis 2  
ANL2.B Analysis 2  
ARKO.A Computer Architecture  
EAI.A Artificial Intelligence  
EASY.A Elements of Analogue Techniques in Digital Systems  
ECONE.A Computer Networks  
ECOTE.A Compiling Techniques  
EDISP.A Digital Signal Processing  
EDRP.A Discrete Random Processes  
EELE1.A Electronics  
EIASR.A Image and Speech Recognition  
EIOT.A Internet of Things  
EMANA.A Mathematical Analysis  
EOOP.A Object-Oriented Programming  
EOPSY.A Operating Systems  
EQUTH.A Queuing Theory  
INTOZ.A Smart Computer Techniques  
IOP.A Software Engineering  
LCPS.A Digital Signal Processing Laboratory  
LTM.A Logic and Set Theory  
MBI.A Methods of Bioinformatics  
MESZ.A Artifficial Inteligence Methods  
MSI.A Artifficial Inteligence Methods  
MWS.A Modeling and Statistical Inference  
ORM.B Orientation - M  
PERM.A Machine Perception  
PMK.B Introduction to Microelectronics  
POEL.B Basics of Electronics  
PPOM.A Fundamentals of Measurement  
PRI.B Fundamentals of Programming  
PRM.C Basics of Programming  
PSYL.A Digital Signal Techniques Using LabView  
PTCY.A Fundamentals of Digital Technology  
RSO.B Distributed Operating Systems  
SCZR.A Real-time Systems  
SDI.A Bachelor Diploma Seminar  
SDI.E Bachelor Diploma Seminar  
SDM1.B Master Diploma Seminar 1  
SDM1.E Master Diploma Seminar 1  
SDM2.B Master Diploma Seminar 2  
SDM2.C Master Diploma Seminar 2  
SDM2.D Master Diploma Seminar 2  
SDM2.E Master Diploma Seminar 2  
SIP.A IP Networking  
SKM.A Computer Networks  
SP.A Programmable Logic Controllers  
SPOP.A Formal Specification and Functional Programs  
SST.A Networks and Control of Systems  
SYKO.A Computer Systems  
TKOM.A Compilation Techniques  
TMN.A Nuclear Medicine Techniques  
TOB.C Circuits Theory  
TOB.D Circuits Theory  
TSI.A Signals and Information Theory  
UCYF.B Digital Systems  
ULOG.A Logic Circuits  
WEDT.A Introduction to Text Data Exploration in WWW web  
WPAM.A Introduction to Mobile Applications Development  
ZPR.A Advanced C++ Programming  
ZUE.A Power Supply in Electrical Equipment  
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